Flight Attendant Training Information in Australia

When it comes to becoming a flight attendant, you are going to find that there are all sorts of different requirements from getting a responsible service of alcohol training to safety training. While many of these requirements you are going to learn after you have been hired on as a flight attendant, there are other aspects you need to cover before you apply.

Aussie Flight Attendants

Becoming a flight attendant is a very popular position for individuals, and because there are not very many areas of growth in the industry, there are not very many additional jobs every year. Because of this, if you are looking to become a flight attendant you are going to find that the more prepared you are and the more possible flight attendant training you have, the better off you are going to be and the more access to possible jobs you are going to have in Australia.


For starters, one of the very first items you are going to need is a passport for international jobs. There isn’t much involved with training, but ultimately, if you don’t have your passport you really are going to limit yourself to possible positions only in the mainland and this is not something that airlines are going to look for. The want you to be able to travel anywhere, so having a passport is very important.

Language Skills

You can help improve your chances of landing a position by knowing a second language. Because there are hundreds of flights that leave Australia on a daily basis to foreign countries, being able to communicate with these individuals who are flying is important generic cialis eu. The more languages you know the more valuable you are going to be and the more job options you are going to have access to. Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German and French are all valuable languages to learn. Now, learning all of these languages is going to be difficult, but having one or two under your bet is going to go a long way in your training.

Basic Introduction

The basic introduction of training to becoming a flight attendant is going to cover the general duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant, your corporate flying protocols and a general overview of your position. For domestic skies, you may also need to get an RSA online, which enables you to serve alcohol. The course you require may depend on the airline itself as there are different requirements for different states. The more information you have regarding this and the easier it is to pick up the information the better off you are going to be when it comes to landing a new job and becoming a flight attendant.

Aircraft Ground School

Now, you don’t have to know how to fly the plane, but you do need to know how to go about explaining different features of the plan, what is taking place and what to expect. This is an important aspect of being a flight attendant and something that you are going to cover in training which may be offered to you directly by the airline, or alternately through a ground school like Aviation Australia which was set up by the Queensland government.

Emergency Situations

Flight attendants are in charge of the emergency situations and you need to be able to guide hundreds of people, should the time occur. This includes fire fighting, aircraft security, evacuation slide, knowing emergency equipment and how to perform ditch drills. You also need to know first aid as well.

After you have all of this information down, you are going to train with other basics, including competency check and culinary services, all of which are going to be very important.

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