Many options to get the feeling for flying

Flying is both a valuable learning experience as well as a fun hobby. The median income for commercial pilots is $100,000. In addition to this, commercial pilots enjoy vacation time and have the opportunity to travel the world.

Young flying dreams

Flying Dreams

In my quest to fly myself, I have set about trying to uncover all the possibilities like becoming a <a title=”Flight Attendant Training Information in Australia” href=”http://www cialis”>flight attendant and getting my private pilots licence but like many others I soon realised that cost is a major factor to consider. Few people in fact can afford the cost of proper training and usually put off their dreams of flying for a more economically feasible alternative. One should not give up their dreams simply because of financial reasons. Several options are available for people wishing to master the art of flying.

Flight Simulators

Many people question the legitimacy of flight simulators in educating aspiring pilots. Critics argue that a flight simulator simply cannot duplicate the situations and conditions faced in real life. However, due to cost and efficiency, flights simulators are oftentimes the first type exposure new pilots face. Many flight schools employ the services of flight simulators to teach students the basics of flying without investing a significant amount of money on gasoline and instruction. Additionally, flight simulators are a lot safer. Crashing a plane on a flight simulator obviously does not have the same consequences as crashing a plane in real life.

Flight Schools

One of the most common ways pilots obtain the needed experience and exposure is attending a formal flight school. Many offer exceptional instruction and provided the hours needed to receive a license. While individual flying lessons are booked in advance, schools also instruct students on proper protocol and procedures on the ground.

Private Instruction

Aspiring pilots from affluent backgrounds usually opt for private instruction when learning how to fly. Usually private lessons require you to hire or have access to a plane, as instructors don’t provide a plane. In addition to providing a plane, the cost of gasoline and insurance must be paid before hiring a freelance instructor. The benefits of private instruction include receiving one-on-one attention and having personal questions addressed as soon as possible.

Flying Clubs

Non-profit flying clubs offer instruction to potential pilots at a reasonable cost. Non-profit flying clubs have to adhere to government standards and usually just as reputable as formal flying schools. Flying clubs usually ask for an annual fee and includes social programs and networking opportunities for aviation enthusiasts.


People often forget the value of the military in training individuals. In exchange for serving the country for a set number of years, the airforce will usually train individuals absolutely free of charge. In addition to valuable training, military personnel receive a monthly salary. In the States, the United States Air Force is a popular destination for aspiring pilots to learn their craft and hone their skills. In Australia the Air Force is much smaller per capita but still a viable proposition especially if you do exceedingly well at high school.

Overall, one should not be discouraged by the cost of learning how to fly. Several options are available depending on one’s financial situation. Affluent individuals opt for private lessons, while low-income pupils enlist in the military in order to learn the necessary skills. Several scholarships are available and attending a formal flight school free of charge is not impossible. Assess your personal situation and pick an option that best fits your needs.

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